Here in QHC, our “Executive Screening Programme” is conducted by our Physician or Cardiologist who will personally run through a series of medical tests to determine your state of health.
Regular screening and check-ups are an important step in preventing heart disease. Men over 35 and women over 40 should have their health checked yearly, or more frequently, if they have risk factors.

Our Executive Screening Programme is designed to detect early symptom of :-
Heart Disease
Diabeties Mellitus
Kidney Disease
Liver Disease
Respiratory Disease

Our Executive Screening Programme Packages include:
Option A
1) Blood test for
– Hemoglobin
– Blood Cell Count
– Cholesterol and related Fats
– Blood sugar
– Kidney function/electrolytes and uric acid
– Liver Function
2) Chest X-Ray
3) ECG (Rest)
4) Urine Test
5) Treadmill Stress Test

Option B (FOR MEN)
Option A + Ultra Sound Abdomen

Option C (FOR WOMEN) + Option A
– Breast Examination
– Breast Scan
– Ultra Sound Abdomen
– Pelvic Scan
– Pap Smear